09.09.2021 12:00
Event dates: 09.09.2021 - 02.10.2021
Location: Holosiyivsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
18+, Imagine point
Oleksiy Malykh continues his curatorial project "You Are Not Me" for the Imagine Point Gallery, where he combines two stylistically different authors and encourages them to speak on a common theme - each with its own artistic language. This time Oleksiy tried to show the conflict - as a form of dialogue, a means of communication, and find a constructive in it. The Imagine Point gallery presents works by two renowned masters - Serhiy Hai, an exquisite colorist and plastic artist from Lviv, and Vladislav Shereshevsky from Kyiv, a master of deep and ironic painting.


Serhiy Hai speaks succinctly of his works: “the visual range changes in nuances, and the words are repeated, because they contain basic things. From my painting you can determine my own line of soul, the line of tension. I don't like skill, most of my work came from a mistake - "controlled coincidence", poetic revelation. That's why I have every right to praise my works - knowing that it's a coincidence, I hardly interfere in them. "

Vladislav Shereshevsky plays, changes trumps, enjoys the variability of life and fortune. The game takes place independently of you: put the cards you received from fate, and the game belongs to you. Does it? We have heard that if you are unlucky in the cards, you will be lucky in love. And Shereshevsky has his own game rules: good luck in everything!

So where is the conflict? Come and see!

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