03.02.2022 18:30
Event dates: 03.02.2022 - 26.02.2022
Location: Holosiyivsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
Institualization, Imagine point
Imagine Point Gallery opens a new large exhibition space with a collective art project of artists from the workshops of the Kyiv Institute of Automation.

The name of the exhibition, despite its complexity in sound, appeals to quite simple and natural things. On the one hand, it outlines the process of development and expansion of the gallery, its intention to grow from an exhibition space into an art institution that could have a profound impact on the development of modern culture in Ukraine. On the other hand, the name hints at an attempt by young artists, who spontaneously united around the workshops at the Kyiv Institute of Automation, to inscribe themselves in the discourse of contemporary Ukrainian art.
 Kyiv Institute of Automation, which is located in a building of the 1950s on the street. Nagirna, 22, in a relatively short period of time turned into a self-organized art space. There have been many events and collaborations over the last two years. Currently, more than 50 artists from different regions of Ukraine work in the workshops of the institute.
Institutionalization is first of all a process (formation, legitimization, recognition). Everyone has their own way to this. After all, this exhibition is a good opportunity to think about what turns space into an art institution, and young authors into recognized meters?

Project participants:

Oleksandr Bohomaz

Yuriy Bolsa

Olʹha Zaremba

Serhiy Kondratyuk

Maksym Mazur

Andriy Pidlisnyy

Vladyslav Ryaboshtan

Olena Shtepura

Elis •luna•

Molly Route

inший Kyiv
Institutionalize it
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