Johnson & Johnson

03.12.2020 12:00
Event dates: 03.12.2020 - 09.01.2021
Location: Goloseevsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
Johnson & Johnson, Imagine point
December 03, 2020 - January 09, 2021 joint exhibition of Dmytro and Vlad Kryshovsky, "Johnson & Johnson" at the Imagine Point Gallery. A curatorial project by Oleksiy Malykh.

A joint exhibition of artists Dmytro and Vlad Kryshovsky opens on December 3 at the Imagine Point Gallery.
"Johnson & Johnson" - this is how a friend once signed a joint photo of these brothers. Finally, the Kryshovsky brothers managed to agree on their schedules, meet within one art space and get rid of several years of intense anticipation of this event.
The release also applies to fragments of living images that are chaotically ingrained in the memory of artists and demand to be released. The works of the Kryshovsky brothers contain visually opposite techniques, but their common essence is in the repeated deconstruction and assembly of a puzzle from the elements of children's consciousness, in the fixation of an infinite number of paradoxical combinations of food, meanings and sensations.
Dmytro works with them precisely, even meticulously - in a perfectly accurate graphic technique and with carefully calibrated combinations to the pain of recognizable entities. Vlad frantically throws sudden images on the canvas, not allowing any neatness, not arousing suspicion of thoughtfulness - but at the end of each set of bright elements is surprisingly complete.
Curator Oleksiy Malykh saw in Kryshovsky's work something related to his own practice - persistent work with the archetype of consciousness and the desire for simplicity. By and large, Kryszowski's compositions are chamber, and the central images are easy to catch the eye. They are immediately recognizable as close, a little forgotten now, but unexpectedly deeply related in the distant and carefree past.
The phenomenon of the Kryszowski brothers is interesting both from a scientific and artistic point of view. How they became so different, having common genes and a common childhood, remains a mystery. But if we are unlikely to find an answer in genetics, it is possible and even worthwhile to turn to art - especially on this rare occasion to see Vlad's painting and graphics with Dmitry's levkas at the same time - only now, only in the Imagine Point gallery.

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