06.10.2021 12:00
Event dates: 06.10.2021 - 06.11.2021
Location: Holosiyivsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
Yahotyn, Imagine point
Artists Viktor Deysun and Vasyl Zmievets in the traditional “for two” project for the gallery. The work in non-figurative painting unites them in the first place. Secondly, they are old close friends, and in this aspect the name of the exhibition acquires additional meaning: Yahotyn is not only the name of a Cossack city, it is a point of intersection, a place of meeting and communication of two artist-friends.

Both Victor and Vasily come from Podillya. Both, albeit with a difference of several years, studied at the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv Art School, and later at the Lviv National Academy of Arts.
Both authors have a sincere love for their native history (hence, perhaps, Yahotyn), a deep knowledge of Ukrainian traditional art. Victor knows techniques of mosaic, stained glass and even Easter painting. Vasily has a master's degree in art glass. Both artists work in the technique of levkas. Nevertheless, they prefer non-figurative painting.
Victor Deysun is outwardly restrained, calm, prudent, immersed in his inner world intellectual. Defines his own work with the concept of "formalism". Indeed, his path is a constant search for form both in painting and in meaningful, interesting installations. According to the curator Oleksiy Malykh, Victor's work is a synthesis of expressionism and constructivism. Victor does not like to talk about his works, he believes that non-figurative art does not need explanation. Probably because it is very close to music.
Vasyl Zmievets is very expressive by nature. And he splashes his temperament on the canvases, but with carefully measured or, conversely, intuitively subconscious accents. And this is another music in which the motives and temperament of the ancient culture of Galicia are felt - with its secrets and the power of invincibility. Blue and green on canvases. He understands that he can't do without it. Because this is the Carpathians. And they are so close to him!
Non-figurative art always provokes the viewer to direct emotional reactions, because it does not tell or explain anything. What color and sound will your emotions be? Visit the exhibition and you will feel it.

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