30.10.2020 16:00
Event dates: 30.10.2020 - 28.11.2020
Location: Goloseevsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
DVI LINII, Imagine point
DVI LINII is a creative tandem of representatives of two generations - a joint exhibition of Anatoly Tertychny and Viktor Vinichenko.

DVI LINII - a symbiosis of experience and creativity. It is a bright example of effective cooperation based on two life parallels with their own views, approaches and ideas. Two artistic journeys converged here and now to convey colors, images and stories.

The creative tandem of two generations is a great evidence of fruitful cooperation, in which the
combination of knowledge and practice goes hand in hand with innovation and modernism. The
exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in the sphere of feelings and experiences of the authors, to
look into the secret part of their inner worlds.

DVI LINII as two lives filled with love, hopes, losses and disappointments, so different but at the same
time so similar to each other.
You can feel the energy of the authors' works in the Imagine Point gallery at the following address:
Kyiv, Holosiivskyi ave., 86/1, entrance from the yard.

Tuesday-Saturday 12:00-19:00
Sunday-Monday are days off

«DVI LINII»: Exhibition of Anatoly Tertychny and Viktor Vinichenko
Anatoly Tertychny, Viktor Vinichenko - conversation in the studio.
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