Granny Svit

26.09.2020 20:00
Event dates: 26.09.2020 - 24.10.2020
Location: Golosiyvsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
Granny Svit, Imagine point
Olena Pryduvalova and Natalia Kolesnuk in Granny Світ exhibition, curated by Oleksiy Malykh

On September 26, 2020, the Granny Сміт exhibition, curated by Oleksiy Malykh, will open in the new Imagine Point space.
In her series, Olena Pryduvalova covers moments of everyday life - small towns, their squares, markets, railway stations. People who show up there. What are they looking for? Conversations, disputes, noise. Trade, exchange, bright colors, no less bright emotions, the smell of the harvest. Her characters live side by side, their special color creates a separate story in each picture.
Natalia Kolesnyk tells the story in a quieter, soft, barely audible voice. Her images include tender sadness, muted colors, cobwebs, faded flowers, and half-erased faces. I would call this series "what passes". I rewrite the photos in my own way - according to family memories, I add something of myself ... "- shares Natalia Kolesnyk.
Olena Pryduvalova uses lively and expressive language in her works, while Natalia Kolesnyk tells a chamber story.
Artists use different painting techniques, express themselves in a unique way, and have their conversation about the ephemerality of time, everyday life, warm memories, the variability of the world.

Artist — talk: Olena Pryduvalova and Natalia Kolesnik
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