08.02.2023 12:00
Event dates: 08.02.2023 - 11.03.2023
Location: Holosiyivsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
"Guards", Imagine point
The focus of the exhibition is a dialogue between two artists who at one time were recluses due to their own creativity, and between two worldviews that fought against the formalism of Soviet art. The inclusion of the unconscious and the irrational, the religious and the archetypal - the main tools for the realization of one's own ideas in the works.

Struggle accompanies Ukrainians every day. Historically, each generation took small steps to gain free choice, freedom and a place under the sun through opposition. Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine continued the series of genocides and wars of the last century.

The difficult times of life tests of the country's existence require a rethinking of the past artistic experience and the study of one's own cultural code. Imagine Point Gallery offers a personal look at the work of masters who were Guardians of the "national" in the dark times for Ukrainian art (Soviet Union).

Lyubov Minenko is a native of Kaniv, an absolutely independent artist who has always worked alone. She has its own characteristic handwriting due to the dynamic, semi-abstract form of the brush stroke.

Leontii Kostur is an artist and sculptor from Sumy. He always went against the system and worked in the style of the author. The artist combines the plastic image of the depicted subject and the philosophy of signs, creating its inner essence.

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