15.06.2022 17:30
Event dates: 15.06.2022 - 09.07.2022
Location: Holosiyivsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
In contemporary art gallery Imagine Point opens a joint project of artists Yuri Musatov and Gia Miminoshvili. The exhibition of art works is a film as is. Where actors are works of art that were born earlier and have their own history, but in an art project they are part of a director's idea. The script, lighting, sounds, each character leads the viewer through the canvas of a movie, or, as we have, an art exhibition.

A joint project by Yuri Musatov and Gia Miminoshvili has opened at the Imagine Point Center for Contemporary Art.
When two such famous masters of ceramic sculpture meet, their dialogue cannot but arouse admiration. It is all the more intriguing that this is a meeting of authors with different artistic approaches and worldviews.
Yuri Musatov can be attributed to a new generation of Ukrainian ceramists. Dreaminess and romanticism are inherent in his works. The variety of glazes, reflections on the celestial spheres that we observed in the early Clouds, Planetoids, Explosions series make this artist recognizable. Author's glazes are considered as a signature on his ceramic objects. This time, unexpectedly for the viewer, Yuri Musatov decided to throw out his energy in painting. Glaze portraits appeared on the canvases. For work, Yuri chose huge canvases, but still strives to break beyond them.
In contrast, the subtle, philosophical works of Gia Miminoshvili, the master of conceptual ceramic sculpture, look restrained. And if the viewer is watching the works of Yuri Musatov, he has an explosion effect, as in a series of works of the same name, then Gia's sculptures, on the contrary, are advised to stop, think and meditate about the simple cornerstone foundations from which a person's worldview radiates.
The works of Gia Miminoshvili have an amazing ability to harmonize the space around them, including the possibility of slightly thickening the volcanic lava from the expressive "craters" of Yuri Musatov. Each work of Gia is a reflection, a great story. Feeling of the author in space.
Like a theater director, Gia Miminoshvili brings paradoxical images to the stage. They only seem silent at first glance. If you spend a little time alone with them, try to touch their philosophical fabric, they will begin their unhurried story.
Equilibrium is illusory at all times, but isn't there more illusory than equilibrium in our time?

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