Contemporary ceramic art

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Art ceramics is an ancient art form

An art form that uses ceramics as the main material for creating works is art ceramics. The authors produce sculptures, vases, dishes and others using this material. Products are created using various techniques such as pottery, hand sculpting, hammering or carving. Other materials are also added to create different effects.

Ceramics is one of the most ancient arts; its history has been going on for more than 10 thousand years. The first such objects found date back to the Neolithic era. Then people began to make dishes from clay. In subsequent centuries, the craft became an important element of the culture of various civilizations, such as Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. In each civilization, such products had their own style, technique and area of ​​use. To this day it remains an important element in art and culture.

Why are they still popular? Because all products are unique. Some can be made in unique shapes and styles that cannot be replicated with other materials. They can express the character and personality of the creator, which also makes him unique. Also, ceramics are aesthetically attractive. It can be created in different colors, textures, details. For every design there is a perfect complement in the form of such a creation.

Art ceramics: types of products

This is the name for art and craft where things are made from clay and other natural materials. To do this, they are formed, dried and fired. They are:

  • functional;
  • artistic

It was functional things that spread faster. These were bowls, pots, cups and other things needed in everyday life. And others are sculptures, vases, figurines and others. These are the artistic products that are presented in our gallery.

The art of creating such products combines technical skill and creativity of the author. Authors can express their ideas and fantasies through clay works. They are an element of cultural heritage and tradition. They may reflect various elements of national culture.

The process of creating an artistic piece from ceramics consists of several stages. The general steps to create are:

  1. Preparing clay. In order for it to be comfortable and easy to work with, it needs to be sustained. Therefore, it is filled with water and left for a while to mix with water.
  2. Modeling. This stage can take a long time. After all, the author must shape the clay and add the necessary details.
  3. Drying. The formed object must be dried. This may take several days, or even a week. It all depends on the size and humidity of the air.
  4. Firing. The dried item is fired in an oven. This process can also take several hours or days. Firing strengthens the clay and makes it resistant to moisture and friction.
  5. Glazing. The surface is coated with a special material to add shine and improve protection from water. After applying the material, it is fired again in a kiln.

These are the main stages of creation.

How to choose artistic ceramics

Depending on the era, region and technique used, the works have different styles. The most common are:

  • modern ceramics;
  • modernism;
  • art deco;
  • majolica;
  • traditional

The modern look is the most popular now. To create these, the author uses different techniques and components. Therefore, the result is original and modern pieces. This look can include various techniques, such as sculpting from glass mass, using metal elements and experimenting with shape and texture.

Traditional products are those that are associated with a specific region and are passed on from generation to generation. Modern examples began to appear at the end of the 19th century. Art Deco is a style that began to develop in the first half of the 20th century. It is characterized by the use of geometric shapes and bright colors.

Knowing the types and styles, it will be easier to choose an object for yourself. If you prefer classic, then choose something in the majolica style. If you prefer contemporary, you can choose contemporary and experimental works. The material matters too. Perhaps you want to purchase something made only from environmentally friendly ingredients, then you should choose products made from clay without impurities. And of course, you need to take your own preferences into account. After all, such an object should please the eye every day.

Where to buy artistic ceramics

Having found out with the help of preliminary advice what kind of object you want to see in your home, it will be easier to make the right choice. But you should also find out how to properly care for them so that they do not lose their aesthetic appearance. Important:

  • avoid mechanical damage;
  • avoid exposure to high temperatures;
  • avoid contact with water;
  • use a soft cloth for cleaning;
  • store in a dry place.

If cracks or other damage appear on them, you should contact a professional technician who will fix the problem.

Imagine Point Gallery presents art ceramics, you can buy it by ordering on the website. You can view the copies both online on the website and live in the gallery in Kyiv, where more than twenty works from Ukrainian artists are presented. They are interesting and unique. The authors created them from more than 10 types of materials. Also, different works are created using different techniques.Each piece has a different format, size, style, so everyone will find something for themselves.

The process of ordering a product is simple. You need to offer your price for the object and add it to the “Favorites” folder. Then follow the instructions provided. This is easy for anyone to deal with. And as a result, you will receive work from a Ukrainian author. Thus, you will support the development of Ukrainian art and culture, which is now more important than ever.

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