Watercolor Paintings

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Watercolor paintings: develop your imagination

Painting is one of the types of fine art where the artist conveys images, emotions and moods using color on different surfaces. An art form that conveys visual images using special techniques. It is performed by applying paint to a solid linen or fabric base. For example, a watercolor painting is most often done on paper. It is considered to be a form of art that is easily perceived by the viewer and understandable.

But the development of painting began differently. This is one of the most popular and ancient types of fine art. For years, it has enabled artists to express their worldview through paint and substrate. Also, artists can convey their feelings, emotions, ideas. The finished work has an impact on viewers. The canvas can calm you down, make you think, and provide aesthetic pleasure.

One of the most popular types of painting is watercolor. For it, the artist uses soluble water-based paints, which are applied to paper. The artist creates transparent, light and airy details. This option is excellent for creating landscapes, still lifes, portraits and others. Experts consider this technique one of the most beautiful in painting.

Watercolor paintings: history

It is believed that painting has existed since the Paleolithic era. Then primitive people created rock paintings. And even then they had a good level that now experts do not always understand how primitive people managed it. But, over thousands of years, the industry has developed and different techniques for creating paintings have appeared.

It is believed that watercolor painting appeared about 2000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Then, along with the advent of parchment, it became possible to paint with water-based paints. In the Middle Ages, watercolor was used to create manuscripts and illustrations. Subsequently, such material became popular among classical artists. In the 19th century, watercolor became an independent medium and became more accessible and popular among artists. Since then it has remained popular to this day.

In more detail:

  • In the Middle Ages, the technique was used to create handwritten books, especially in the religious sphere.
  • In the 16-17th century, the technology began to be used independently.
  • In the 19th century, the technique became a particularly popular type in many countries. They began to use it for illustrations in books, magazines, and to create advertising posters.
  • In the 20th century, it began to be used for more experimental works, as well as abstract and innovative ones.

To this day, watercolor remains one of the most popular materials for creating paintings.

How a watercolor painting is created

Watercolor is considered one of the most beautiful painting techniques. And at the same time, it is one of the most difficult. A large amount of water together with paint makes the drawing light and translucent. But, due to such an amount of water, it is difficult for the artist to work with the material. Unlike oil painting, watercolor painting does not allow the author to change his mind and cover everything with a new layer of oil.It is almost impossible to correct a mistake on paper. It requires excellent skills, but watercolor painting is affordable and the prices are not high in most cases.

There are four main techniques used to create a watercolor painting:

  1. Dry – paint is applied to dry paper. Then the drawing becomes richer, such strokes even resemble oil strokes.
  2. Wet - before applying paint, blot the paper well. In this case, it is difficult to predict the exact result. Everything changes in the process, because everything flows from water. Therefore, the contours are blurred, the lines smoothly blend into each other, and the colors are unsaturated.
  3. Combined technique - it combines the two previous methods. The paper is wetted only in certain fragments, and not all of it. Paints begin to be applied moving from above and in the process control the blurring effect. If there is excess water somewhere, then it is taken away with a sponge.
  4. Multilayer – it’s already clear from the name that the paints are applied in several layers. They are applied starting from lighter to darker. They do not mix during the process, because work continues when the previous layer is completely dry. Then the pictures turn out more rich and realistic.

These are the basic techniques for creating watercolor paintings.

Each of these techniques requires speed from the artist. After all, paint with water can flow quickly, and correcting such strokes is much more difficult. Watercolor technique requires precise movements, so beginners in this field should definitely learn and listen to advice from professionals. This way they can get the desired result. Despite the complexity of execution, such paintings have an affordable price and are easier for viewers to understand.

How to purchase watercolor paintings

You can choose a painting for yourself that you like first, or you can first study the criteria for the work. Before choosing, you can decide on the style of canvas that you want to see in your home. You can also find out more about its author, look at other works to find out if his tastes appeal to you. Also, you should consider the size of the canvas so that it finds its ideal place in the house. Determine which colors best suit your interior to create a harmonious look. If you want something original and something that will not be in every home, then purchase the work of little-known artists. You will receive a unique painting for your home.

You can purchase watercolor paintings from Ukrainian artists at the Imagine Point gallery. The works are presented both online on the website and offline in Kyiv. It is recommended to periodically look at works of art. Experts believe that painting can influence our emotional and cognitive perception of the world. It affects the development of our imagination, ability to analyze and understand art. Artwork also helps us better understand and perceive the world around us.

The website imaginepoint.gallery presents the works of more than 200 authors. Among the paintings there are more than 30 works made with watercolors. The paintings are made in different styles and using different techniques. You can see both bright, colored canvases and dark, gloomy or translucent ones. Therefore, everyone who appreciates art will find a job that will delight them every day. And the above tips will help you make the right choice. To order, you need to bid, add the item to your Favorites, and follow the instructions.

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