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Why is photography considered art? Because in addition to ordinary photography, there is artistic photography. This is a type of photographic art that does not convey objective reality to us, but shows specially prepared scenes. These images have an inherent meaning. That is, such a photo conveys not only a captured moment, but also a deep meaning and idea. Regular photography has more informative purposes, it conveys facts and events. And artistic, usually, has great emotional and creative value. After all, it is used as a figurative expression and is the subject of figurative analysis and comprehension. We can consider these to be more modern paintings, when the author, instead of drawing, lays out details on the canvas in front of the lens, presses the shutter, prints the work on paper and the painting is ready for review. The history of this art form dates back to the 19th century, when photography became accessible to many people. Photographers began experimenting with light, shadow, and composition to create more aesthetically pleasing images. Already in the 20th century, many exhibitions of artistic photographs and other artistic projects took place. This type occupies a significant place in modern art, in particular because photography is the most accessible means of creating images. Therefore, artists can more easily create new forms and impressions.

Art photography: how it is created

In the years following the advent of cameras, debate continued as to whether photographs should be classified as art on the level of painting. But over the years it became clear that there was no point in contrasting these two artistic phenomena. They interact with each other. Technology cannot replace the artist's skill. Such art requires the author to have both imaginative vision and mastery of the technical means of photography and image processing. To create original art photography, the following tools are used:

  • Composition. The placement of objects in the frame and the interaction between them plays an important role. Therefore, the author must determine which elements are important and which should be removed. The golden rule and the rule of thirds are also used for aesthetic depiction. This will create a balanced and harmonious image.
  • Light. A certain play of light and shadow can add impact and depth to a photograph. To do this, you can use natural or artificial lighting, depending on the mood and emotions in the photo.
  • Focus. For different effects, the author can use different levels of blur. For example, in a portrait, blur creates tenderness, but in sports photography, on the contrary, it helps to reproduce speed, dynamism, and movement.
  • Color spectrum. The author can use different color schemes to create mood and emotions. For example, using the contrast between cold and warm colors.
  • Perspective. By using different angles and perspectives, an artist can create depth and movement in a photograph.

And this is not all the tools that photographers use to create art photographs. But using all the means and a little talent, they produce works of art. In short, to create such a photograph, the author must choose an object and theme, develop a concept, choose a frame and composition, use light and shadow, and process the image. The author really goes a long way to show the audience his original plan, to convey his idea. Therefore, one should not assume that photography is less valuable than painting.


How to choose art photography for yourself

The genres of photography are almost the same as in fine art: portrait, landscape, still life. In the modern period, nude photographs, macro photography, night photography and others appeared. Art photography is also classified by style, for example, pop art, retro, glamor, vintage - the most popular among all. How to choose art photography for your home or other establishment? Of course, each case is an individual process. But there are some tips that can help with your choice. First of all, you should determine the style of the interior and choose a photo in accordance with it. Then you should determine the place where the painting will hang so that it matches the size and proportions. Please note that you should also determine the color scheme of the interior so that the new painting fits into it. But, if it is a black and white photograph, then it fits almost every interior. Also, you should determine the budget for the purchase in order to inspect the appropriate corresponding pictures. It is advisable to study the works of several authors to understand whose style you like best.

Where to buy copyright photographs

If Ukrainian artists were previously unknown to you, then it time to discover them for yourself. Ukrainian photography has been developing for more than 30 years. Before that, it also developed, but as part of the imperial, then the Soviet. At different periods there were ups and downs in the development of this art. However, it never completely fell into disrepair. In the early 2000s, larger art centers began to operate in Ukraine, which stimulated the development of contemporary art. Also, other organizations and societies of photographers began to form. Photography has even begun to be taught in educational institutions (formal and informal). Therefore, photography in Ukraine has already reached a high level, despite several centuries of the absence of its own schools and opportunities. The Imagine Point gallery presents works by contemporary photographers. You can view the works on the gallery website or live in Kyiv. To order a work, you need to offer a price, add it to Favorites and follow the instructions for receiving the photo artist’s work. Also, the above tips will help you choose a painting that will exactly suit your interior. But if you like the painting, but it doesn’t fit well into the room, then you can change the interior for the sake of it.

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