12.08.2020 12:00
Event dates: 12.08.2020 - 01.09.2020
Location: Goloseevsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
Alter, Imagine point
Dmytro Grek, Oleksiy Malykh, Petro Smetana, Vasyl Tatarsky, Oleg Yasenev

Dmitro Grek
Oleksiy Malykh
Petro Smetana
Vasyl Tatarsky
Oleg Yasenev
Each author who participates in this project is known for his unique vision, his artistic manner, his personality. We propose to look at their work from another, unknown side. The exhibition will feature works that have not yet been shown and works made in a technique that is not typical and unusual for these authors.
Sometimes within each of us a desire is born to try differently. Do something unusual. Turn off the beaten path.
We asked the project participants - what is alter, different for their creativity?
"... at least it's not boring - touching something new, feeling like a beginner, trying unusual techniques, going deep in search of another ... this is the way to fresh impressions ..."
The Alter project is special for our gallery.
With this project we are starting exhibition activities at the Imagine Point Gallery.

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