16.11.2023 17:00
Event dates: 16.11.2023 - 09.12.2023
Location: Holosiyivsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
FRACTURE, Imagine point
A fracture is a gap in time. On the one hand, it is a pause, a sharp stop of growth and development, after which sometimes recovery is possible, but already in a different, changed form. At the same time, evil is a trauma our ancestors had to go through, and today, we have to go through it.

Polina Shcherbyna and Svitlana Ahranovska build a dialogue with wartime, using the image of a tree as an opportunity to speak frankly about the body, its wounds, vulnerability, and pain. It is a body that contains the world's fragility and, simultaneously, the hope for healing, which the tree, as a symbol, directly carries in itself. However, an injury cannot go unnoticed; even a healed limb will be a part of the body that has changed and will have to adapt to these changes.

Time is also an important theme through which the image of the tree is revealed. Time is literally present in its entire length, from the top to the roots.

Authors' comments

"Sometimes you get used to this pain, and it seems that the wounds are healing, but then you feel your body aching again. It's as if someone is stretching these wounds repeatedly, which it seems will never heal" – Polina Shcherbina.

"In a certain sense, the tree is a demonstration of time, a living witness of its flow. In its tangled root, we can feel the connection with previous generations, who also went through wars and misfortunes, losing hope for a better future and gaining it again" – Svitlana Ahranovska.

"FRACTURE" in the Imagine Point Gallery
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