One day after

16.12.2022 17:00
Event dates: 16.12.2022 - 27.01.2023
Location: Holosiyivsky prospect, 86/1, Kyiv, Ukraine
One day after, Imagine point
More than 50 artists from different parts of Ukraine and beyond took part in the project, which was implemented in the open call format.

We have been living for almost a year against the background of events that have become the embodiment of the most terrible thoughts.

Ukrainians are being terrorized and destroyed. And we continue to fight for the right to a free life. Our feelings, our narratives, our aspirations, and our struggles are changing.

And, with the rest, our self-awareness. We grow stronger and toughen up. We mourn our losses. And we hold our breath, meeting each victory of our soldiers, which paves the way to our complete victory.

But what happens next? What is the reality that awaits us? Imagine Point Gallery invited the artistic community to think about this and form an array of thoughts and expectations about our common future.

The artists who took part in the project will present their works in two halls of the gallery, which became a continuation of their artistic practices and self-reflections. The exhibition will consist of many personal stories, which in one way or another are not alien to each other, because they all took place after February 24, 2022. Each of the authors has his own experience of experiencing war, but we are in a common space and a common reality that we create together and one for one

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